​Liz Elliott has worked in the patient care
industry for over 20 years. She currently serves

the pain community with IESO, a Medical 
Cannabis Cultivator. She is passionate &
driven, and works tirelessly to help people

with pain.

Dr. Melissa Geraghty, Psy.D. works at Rago & Associates, a private practice located in Naperville, IL. Her primary specialties include: chronic pain, chronic illness, physical disabilities, and eating disorders. She is a national speaker and author, presenting workshops around the country (and around the world online) to help better educate healthcare professionals and the public on chronic pain. Dr. Geraghty is the recipient of the 2016 Hero of Hope Award from the International Pain Foundation (iPain). She is also the 2015 recipient of the Midwest Pain Society’s Clinical Excellence Award. Dr. Geraghty’s professional Facebook (@MindfulMomentsByDrG) and Twitter (@MindfulDrG) allow her to spread awareness on physical and psychological difficulties, as well as post information on mindfulness. As a person with chronic pain and other physical disabilities, Dr. Geraghty understands firsthand the difficulties that medical diagnoses bring to daily living. Dr. Geraghty supports and guides her patients and their families, assisting them in living life to the fullest regardless of one’s medical and psychological circumstances. 

Advisory Board


​Gracie Bagosy-Young is an International
Chronic Pain Advocate with a well-established
reputation for integrity and authenticity.
She is the owner of Gracie Gean Chronic
Pain Advocacy & Consulting. Gracie hosts the
Midwest Pain Treatment Education Expo,
which is the largest in the US. She speaks on chronic pain Nationally.


​Sara Willy has been a force within the chronic pain community for over 20 years. Sara works day &
​night to share information on cutting edge treatments. Her positive attitude and thoughtful ways are contagious! 

Mahja Sulemanjee Bortocek is the Director of Community Outreach for Greenhouse Group’s premier medical cannabis dispensaries.  She has worked in healthcare for over 15 years in hospitals, rehab centers, and diagnostic centers; and has acquired her master’s in public health and business administration. Mahja’s passion to help others is noted in her valiant and persistent efforts in community service. She has been awarded and held officer positions, as a board member for several senior and healthcare focused organizations. Her efforts continue to aid the communities she lives and works in. Mahja’s aspires to bring awareness, safe accessibility, and compassion to healthcare.